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Welcome to the Translation Bureau Sanja Stanisljevic.

Translation Bureau Sanja Stanisljevic has been specialized for written translations from German into Serbian language, English into Serbian language, Slovenian into Serbian language and vice versa, as well as for other languages such as Italian, French.
( Text is being translated from mother tongue into desired foreign language and vice versa)
Your texts will be translated solely by experienced and educated personnel. All collaborators have many years of experience in translation of texts of all kinds and they are sworn Court Interpreters possessing the Court Certificate.

Translation Bureau was established in 1994.
In Translation Bureau, the following services are provided: translation with certification of documents, professional translation, interpretation and translation in the domain of economics, law, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medicine, chemical engineering, with the emphasis on German and English language.  Translations into other languages are being  carried out professionally by the part-time collaborators for the following languages (French, Italian).